Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says Trump ‘fomenting domestic rebellion’ with tweets – New York Post

Washington state’s governor chastised President Donald Trump after he posted tweets urging residents of a handful of states to “liberate” themselves from coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

“He is putting millions of people in danger of contracting COVID-19. His unhinged rantings and calls for people to ‘liberate’ states could also lead to violence,” Gov. Jay Inslee said in a lengthy tweet storm Friday, which also accused Trump of “fomenting domestic rebellion and spreading lies.”

“The president’s actions threaten his own goal of recovery. His words will likely cause a spike in infections where distancing is working,” he said. “Americans need to work together to protect each other. That’s what is working in WA.”

Earlier in the day, Trump called for the liberation of Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia.

The president has bashed Inslee, too, calling the Democrat a “snake” and mocking his short-lived presidential campaign.

Though state leaders have urged caution and time with reopening local economies, residents are becoming increasingly anxious to get moving; hundreds protested at state capitols this week, demanding leaders move more swiftly.

Closures and lockdown from the virus have led to a sharp spike in unemployment claims nationwide, with economists predicting a recession for the United States.

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