KineSoft softstarters are an efficient way to start electric motors

Softstarters are devices used mainly in industry and their main task is smooth start-up, resp. starting a three-phase asynchronous electric motor. The combination of an electric motor with a soft starter finds its use mainly in the drives of various lifting machines or fans. We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions related to soft starters.

Why is it worth investing in a softstarter?

softstarter instalationSoftstarter is a device designed for smooth starting of asynchronous three-phase electric motors. A high-quality soft starter allows you to set the course of torque characteristics in real time during the operation of the electric motor and thus its start-up and run-down. This device thus prevents a disproportionately fast or slow start-up as well as a jump load. With a smooth start, you can use the electric motor more efficiently and at the same time there is no increased load on its components.

Should I choose a softstarter or a frequency converter?

The specific answer to this question always depends on the intended use and the specific application. In general, we can state that if you do not need to regulate the speed of the electric motor and you only require the possibility of regulating the start-up, a soft starter will suffice.

What are the mounting options for a softstarter?

KineSoft softstarters are designed to be as easy to install and connect as possible. They are structurally adapted for wall mounting in a switchboard and are air-cooled. These soft starters have a MODBUS RS 485 communication interface.

Are softstarters also suitable for demanding applications?

KineSoft softstarters
KineSoft softstarters

KineSoft softstarters are available in various versions and are therefore suitablefor simple and more demanding applications. You can use it to regulate the starting of electric motors with different powers. The great advantage of Kinetics soft starters is their simple operation, you can set three parameters, namely start-up voltage, start-up time and run-down time. However, soft starters have not only control but also protection functions, such as protection against undervoltage, overvoltage, overheating and overload.

If you need to know more about soft starters, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you with the selection and we will be able to handle delivery within one day thanks to our large stocks.

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